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Episode 29: Follow your Passion with Imani Rae from Raeon Collective

August 31, 2023 Lili Hibarino and Shannon Miller Season 2 Episode 29
Psychic Girls Next Door
Episode 29: Follow your Passion with Imani Rae from Raeon Collective
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Show Notes

Imani Rae specializes in Tarot and Astrology Birth Chart readings and Astrology forecasts. She teaches tarot workshops and hosts tarot tea parties, which we are wanting to attend soon. She also facilitates Reiki healing and offers house cleansings.

Before getting into the entrepreneurship wagon, Imani was in the corporate space in the fashion industry. She felt she wasn’t getting what she wanted from the job and needed to spend time with her family. Her business started making more than her corporate job was paying her, and she decided to make the bold move. According to Imani, you can run a business and still be in full-time employment. It’s all determinant of what you need.

If you have listened to us in the previous episodes, you might have heard us talk about a great tarot reading we had (link below) last year. The tarot reader was Imani! In this episode, we have a rare opportunity to get to know Imani. She shares her journey to becoming the amazing person she is today, the most rewarding thing about being a tarot reader, the greatest challenge she faces in her business, and we get a general tarot reading from her.

Listen in to learn more from Imani Rae

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[01:39] Getting to know Imani Rae

[04:40] How Imani discovered her abilities

[08:13] Spiritual foundations that influenced Imani to take her current spiritual path

[10:17] Imani’s transition from corporate to entrepreneurship

[13:24] How Imani trained for tarot

[15:00] Different services that Imani offers

[17:20] The difference between Oracle and tarot cards

[18:56] Why do people go to Imani?

[20:03] The most rewarding and challenging thing about tarot reading

[23:15] Live tarot reading by Imani Rae

Magical Quote from the Episode:

“Focusing on what’s happening right now can help people grow and help them to have the tools to maneuver certain situations.”

Note: This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only

Imani Rae
Episode 4 (where we share our first tarot reading with Imani)

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