Psychic Girls Next Door

Episode 22: Past Life Regression and Exploring Different Healing Modalities

May 26, 2023 Lili Hibarino and Shannon Miller Season 2 Episode 22
Psychic Girls Next Door
Episode 22: Past Life Regression and Exploring Different Healing Modalities
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Show Notes

**Content warning: this episode contains description of a highly sensitive nature including sexual violence that may be triggering to some individuals.  

On this episode, we share our experiences with Laura’s Hypnotherapy sessions. Laura is a specialist in hypnotherapy and past life regression. During the session,  she guides you through a past life regression. She does it in a way that you go into like a hypnotic state.

Lili went to Laura’s session intending to look into the issues around her family. She wanted to get some information and at least get to the point of healing. During the session, Laura guided her through the regression. She helped her get to the person she was married to then, and everything made sense. She had an emotional outburst and realized it was the core wound of the trauma.

Shannon’s goal for her session with Laura was to heal her heart chakra and focus on self-love during the session. She got to address issues from her childhood, like the sexual traumas she had. She also had a chance to look at her next life and what it would be like. From her next live session, it was evident that Shannon was working on herself for the sake of her future soul mate.

Listen to this episode to learn more about our sessions with Laura.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[00:53] Lili’s past life regression session

[07:26] How Shannon is preparing for her future soulmate

[29:54] Lili’s reading at a psychic school

[32:26] Shannon’s woman reading experience

Magical Quotes from the Episode:

“ Broken in healing is better than not healing at all.”

“People can see your value with or without you having to do something for them.”

“By choosing silence, you might be in a situation where you feel stuck.”

Laura Donahue Hypnotherapy
Berkeley Psychic Institute
Psychic Horizons

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