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Episode 10: Creating and Managing the Energy of Abundance and Prosperity

December 01, 2022 Lili Hibarino and Shannon Miller Season 1 Episode 10
Psychic Girls Next Door
Episode 10: Creating and Managing the Energy of Abundance and Prosperity
Show Notes

Growing up, what was life like for you? Did you have everything you wanted, or was life average for you?

How we grew up greatly correlates with how we view abundance and prosperity. Lili grew up in an average family. Her mom was a stay-at-home, while her dad was an engineer. They didn’t have everything they wanted, but the bills got paid.

When Lili grew up, she knew she had to work extra hard wherever she wanted. Unfortunately, the victim and survival mentality cropped in from her upbringing. Limiting beliefs became her way of operating. When she moved to the US, having money for her next meal was all she kept looking forward to. Sometimes she ate one meal daily to ensure she had enough the whole week.

For Shannon, both her parents were working, but it was evident that they didn’t have money for extra things. They would only have extra things when her grandma would step in. Shannon confesses that comparing how they lived and how their relatives lived gave her the idea that they didn’t have a lot. She recalls her mom would save for a year to buy them Christmas gifts. As soon as Shannon discovered how much they didn’t have, her money went to enjoying herself when she got her first job. At 16, they had their first vacation, and it opened her mind to believe there was more to life.

Shannon’s lack mentality continued long after she had joined the workforce. She would settle for jobs that paid her less than she deserved. Reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne led her to change her scarcity mentality and adopt a mindset of prosperity and abundance.

In this episode, we will share our journey to creating and managing the energy of prosperity and abundance. Listen to learn more.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[01:38] How Lili lived with a victim and survival mentality

[05:29] Shannon’s mentality with money

[13:50] How Lili went out of her limiting beliefs

[16:45] How Shannon stepped out of her limiting beliefs

Magical Quotes from the Episode:

“When you tap into, you’re able to create things, there’s abundance, because you create and you’re also able to make money out of it. Maybe create opportunities, create connections, abundance is creativity and  synchronicities.”

“You have to feel good to manifest.”

“Where you focus your energy and your attention. This is what you’re going to end up manifesting in your life.”

“Every day you make choices, you can make a choice to be in lack, or you can make a choice to be in abundance.”

School for Meditation and Healing
Book: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
Book: Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach
Book: I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi

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