Psychic Girls Next Door

Episode 1: How Our Psychic Natural Gifts Manifested

September 15, 2022 Lili Hibarino and Shannon Miller Season 1 Episode 1
Psychic Girls Next Door
Episode 1: How Our Psychic Natural Gifts Manifested
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Show Notes

Do you believe you possess some psychic gifts but are not confident enough to let them manifest? This episode is for you! We know what you are going through because we have been there. We both have different stories with a lot of similarities. We grew up in families that practiced various religions, and because of our psychic gifts, it was extremely difficult for us not to question the beliefs and teachings. In this Psychic Girl Next Door episode, we will share our stories about discovering our gifts.

My gift to me (Shannon) is the ability to read a room. Since I was six, I could comfortably tell the different energies in a room. Also, I could distinguish good people and bad people. I would always point out people with a weird vibe. Later found out that my mom and dad also had psychic abilities. I believe it is a family thing. When I moved to San Francisco in my early 20s, that’s when I learned things started opening for me. I went to meditation school, and all I wanted was to learn more and more about my unique gift.

For Lili, growing up, she had a nanny who was like a priestess. She dealt with a lot of spirit guides. The nanny would feed Lili a lot of information at her tender age. By then, Lili didn’t know she had psychic ability. She would hear spirits at night, which would scare her. Lili shut her unique ability down, but she would still experience psychic dreams. Later she discovered the law of attraction and dated a psychic, which inspired her to dig deeper into spirituality.

Listen to this episode and learn more about our stories.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[00:18] Understanding the word psychic

[01:16] How Shannon’s gifts of psychic developed

[07:17] How Lili discovered she has psychic abilities

[19:14] The essence of this podcast

 Magical Quote from the Episode:

“It’s kind of it’s interesting how rock bottoms propel and skyrocket you. Even if it’s uncomfortable, you just must go for it."

School for Meditation and Healing

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